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Charging Elephant

Charging Elephant This is a photo of nothing really…but what this is a photo of is the panic I experienced while I was driving a manual while an elephant jumped into the road in front of us. I wasn’t sure if I should concentrate on driving or take a photo…go figure…I tried to take a photo and it came out terribly. But I had to be quick cause since the elephant was running I had to be ready to back up or move or whatever the case would be. Outside the park there was a sign that said not to get close to the elephants cause they charge…this elephant was right in front of our car...

Hluhluwe Backpackers

Hluhluwe Backpackers This is dorm we we all stayed in. There were 12 bed and right before we crashed a Korean couple from Orange County told us they had been robbed at gunpoint while they were in Swaziland in the middle of the night. It was nice bedtime story.

Waiting in Harrismith

Waiting in Harrismith June 18th was the day I was going meet up with my friends. After traveling for 2 1/2 weeks alone I was highly anticipating the arrival of my friends. I took a bus from Durban and got dropped off at a Shell gas station in the middle of the country in the small country town of Harrismith. Unfortunately we didn’t plan it too well and I got dropped off way earlier then they were to arrive in Harrismith. I sat on the chair (pictured) at the gas for 5 hours. It started getting fucking cold so finally I started asking around cause I realized that maybe my friends thought I was waiting at another...

Tim and Lissy

Tim and Lissy Hitched a ride with some rad folks, Tim and Lissy, who live in Amsterdam. Tim is from the Bay Area and Lissy from Holland. I got a ride with them from Coffee Bay to Umzumbe where we all stayed at Mantis and Moon. Of course about an hour after we left Coffee Bay I realized that I had left my passport in the security lock box in Coffee Bay. Luckily I was able to get in touch with a girl, Hanne, who was still at the hostel who was heading toward Durban so ended up getting my passport a couple days later. This photo is from inside the car with cows blocking the road.

Coffee Bay and the Pisser

Coffee Bay and the Pisser The color I’m feeling is GREY….not because I’m depressed but because it’s been overcast and raining for the last couple of days.  Rain meant that there were not many activities therefore I just mostly hung out and drank.  It started off with having a funky tasting local beer at the village tavern (pictured).  By tavern it was really just a liquor shop with a metal gate at the bar and some speakers. The beer was definitely different and looked like a creamy strawberry milk drink.  Later by the time we got back to the hostel we indulged in more debach.  I took a shot of sambuca,...


Sisters I took a Xhosa village tour in Coffee Bay…at first I was a little hesitant to do it cause I felt like it was voyeuristic but in the end I was glad I did it because it was more educational than anything else. The girls in the picture were are our guide’s sisters and they were doing each others hair.

South Africa Road Trip Route

CLICK “read more” to view map and wait for it to load. View South Africa Road Trip in a larger...

Madonna and Child Waterfall

Madonna and Child Waterfall Click on photo to see the full photo. This was the waterfall at the end of my 4 hour hike.  I chilled for a bit in the forest to watch a group of monkeys jump around.  After walking back to the top I hitch hiked back into town…don’t worry it wasn’t shady.

CSI: Hogsback

CSI: Hogsback Here is a photo of something I found while I took a 4 hour hike alone through the forest in Hogsback. Judging by this vicious crime scene, I can only assume that this bird got f***ed.   Not sure what animal ripped this bird apart but it was definitely something I didn’t want to encounter on my hike cause I was in the middle of NOWHERE.

East London

East London I had to take a brutal 8 hour bus ride to East London just to catch another shuttle for a 2 hour trip up to Hogsback.   This is a picture of the place I was about to stay at but didn’t. I had all my bags in the shack and I was ready to kick back and relax but then the shuttle to Hogsback came back to town and picked me up.  It would have been nice to stay here at least by the look of the this photo it looked nice.
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