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Hooker, Hunter action

Hooker, Hunter action This is a photo of my new favorite game Hooker, Hunter, Bear. Much like maple syrup and Celine Dion, this game is a Canadian export. Essentially it’s a WAAAAAY better version of Rock, Paper, Scissor. Here is how it goes: Hooker seduces Hunter, Hunter shoots Bear, and Bear mauls Hooker. Each thing comes with it’s own movement as demonstrated by Carley (doing bear) and Frankie (doing hooker) (aka Skank and Cranks) in the photo. This was Carley’s 21st birthday and we basically ended the flip cup round with a Hooker, Hunter, Bear off.

Elephant Sex

Elephant Sex So these two male elephants were RIGHT next to our truck (I could have probably spit on them)…little did we know what was to unfold. After a little foreplay one elephant mounted the other with full schlong hanging out. Unfortunately since the other elephant didn’t have a vagina, the other elephants dick just aimlessly swung around and knocked the other’s balls around. Probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time and probably the most interestingly hilarious safari experience I had on the whole trip…I’m sure the rest of my overland mates...

Overland Trip Begins

Overland Trip Begins July 14th 2010 – So my 32 day overland camping trip from Johannesburg to Nairobi began with Africa Travel Company (ATC) shortly after the final of the world cup. What was to follow would become an epic adventure with awesome people and amazing experiences. Highly recommend overlanding in Africa if anyone was interested in doing it. First stop was Kruger National Park. Picture – Mother and calf rhino walking across the road.

Red-shouldered Glossy-starling

Red-shouldered Glossy-starling Not sure what’s so red-shouldered about this bird since there ain’t shit for red on it…nonetheless there are a ton of them and they look pretty rad when they are in the sun.

Fourth of July

Fourth of July If you’ve been wondering as to whether I’ve been losing weight on this trip the answer is…No! My mitties are getting bigger by the day and the gut keeps expanding and this picture is the prime example…it’s simply because I’m a pig and love food. The picture is of our fourth of July bbq in the Mokolodi bush accompanied by the sweet sounds of violent baboons.

Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill

Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill

Botswana Bound

Botswana Bound After dropping our friend Eric off at the airport Mike, Kristine and I decided to hop on over to Botswana to go check out another country. We stayed at a private game reserve, Mokolodi, just outside the capitol, Gaborone. We rented a chalet in the middle of the bush which was absolutely incredible because we were completely surrounded by nature. At night the baboons would go crazy…so crazy that it made us feel some what uncomfortable. It sounded like monkey sex/rape/chaos fighting/shrieking/violent panting…when I get a chance I will try to upload a video of the sound but for...

Chanchito Tailgate

Chanchito Tailgate Chanchito tailgating with Kristine outside the Durban stadium before the Brazil v. Portugal game.

Bukaki Party?

Bukaki Party? Wrong but nice try….this is a photo of my friend Mike after unsuccessfully trying to spit a mouthful of yogurt out the window while driving and going 120 kph. Perfect example of a tranny mess.

Peri Peri Peridise

Peri Peri Peridise Nothing is more relaxing that going to a beautiful paradise and hearing your friend puke his brains out while wild animals drink from the nearby watering hole. The night before we got to Hluhluwe we stopped at a restaurant were my friend Eric ordered a Peri Peri Chicken. During dinner we all noticed that the chicken had a fishy flavor but Eric told that Peri Peri was made with sardines. Lessons learned: 1. Peri Peri is not made with sardines 2. Chicken that tastes like fish is funky 3. Chicken that tastes like fish will probably make you puke 4. Off-roading in Africa with food poisoning...
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