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Ode To Nick van Iersel

Ode To Nick van Iersel Dear Nick, I know you are out there somewhere, namely BC Canada, near the woods getting your hooker hunter on but just wanted to send this message to you on behalf of a Miss C-dizzle from Egypt via this blog. ‘Nuff said 🙂 Sincerely, Cameltoe


Thankful My chameleon color is green. It was at this moment, on our way back out of the Serengeti, that I realized how fortunate and thankful I was to have had an opportunity to go on my around-the-world trip. It was an amazing feeling being able to stick my head out of the top of the safari jeep, with the wind blowing in my hair, surrounded by the beautiful Serengeti knowing that most people would only dream of doing what I was doing at that exact moment. It was then that I realized that life is good that we need to take advantage of every day that passes. I closed my eyes, stood there and just...

The Most Beautiful Sadness

The Most Beautiful Sadness My chameleon color is white…This experience is something that cleared the slate, the moment on my trip that really got me thinking about square one. This opportunity made me think about life and myself in a way that I’ve never been challenged. There are too many to emotions to express my feelings for Malawi that it makes it hard to put into words. The landscape and lake are pristine and absolutely breathtaking. The people are friendly and the children’s smiles are infectious. On the other hand once you learn about the conditions they live in it will break your heart...


Sacrilege Chanchito posing with his slaughtered cousin at Lake Malawi. We were actually going to go watch the slaughter that morning but the local villagers did it without telling us. Some people thought that it was wrong to watch the slaughter but my reason was that I think it’s important to know where your food comes from. Many of us blindly consumer food without ever knowing how it got on our plate and what was done to get it there. Watching a pig squeal to death is probably not the nicest thing to watch but when you don’t get to see it everyday I think that it’s important to...

Rhino Tracking

Rhino Tracking Rhino tracking definitely was one of the highlights on the trip. I can’t really describe the feeling of getting out of the jeep and walking up to a group of wild rhinos without anything between us besides a couple of hairs of grass. It’s a pretty powerful feeling standing RIGHT next to something so majestic and strong. The crazy thing is that if one of the rhinos decided to charge, we would have been screwed. Also opposed to the lion walk the difference is that these animals were wild…no trainers, nothing…just good ol Wally the rhino tracker. It was an amazing...

Lion Walk – MUST DO!

Lion Walk – MUST DO! The color I’m feeling is Mane Bronze. The lion walk at Antelope Park was probably one of the hightlights of my trip so far. It was a strange feeling stepping out of the safari jeep and into the tall grass to walk three 18 month old lions. At first i was a little uncomfortable when I saw the lions get released from the cages and start walking toward me. The stares from their copper colored eyes and sheer size of their paws alone would probably make any man buckle at the knees but by the end you realize that they are a bunch of lazy large cats. It also helped that we were with three...

Party Truck

Party Truck The color I’m feeling is hang over green. There was another overland outfitter truck who camped next to us in Antelope Park that decided to throw a party on their bus (pictured) one night that we were there. The night started calmly with our group gathered around a nice fire. Then things started to slowly shift as we slowly made it to the other camp to party on their bus since it was bumping with music and people were dancing. The night started to turn once Phil and Serena decided to open the bottle of Jim Beam. Thinking that they lost their bottle Coke to mix the Beam with, we all...

Crocodile Sex

Crocodile Sex This is a shot of Great Zimbabwe, a beautiful World Heritage Site in Zim. FACT: The king would fuck his sister on top of a crocodile to gain more power. The only thing we never figured out was whether the crocodile was dead or alive….damn it!…we should have asked. Cool place worth a visit if you are ever there.

Straight up pimpin’

Straight up pimpin’ This is our awesome tour leader, Gift, holding up trillions of Zim dolla dolla bills y’all on the truck. The trillion dollar bills are absolutely worthless and now given away or sold as souvenirs. In Zimbabwe, they now use the US dollar but also accept Euros and South African Rand. Pretty crazy getting American currency from the ATMs in Zimbabwe.

Please read sign carefully

Please read sign carefully Third one down – NO ZIM DOLLARS. The Zim dollar became so worthless that it was cheaper to use money to wipe your ass than toilet paper. This was taken inside the woman’s bathroom at the Zimbabwe/South Africa border.
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