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Ice Tea With Yentl

Ice Tea With Yentl My chameleon color is thai ice tea orange. This here is a picture of a building in Georgetown on the island of Penang in Malaysia. Stopped in this city just for a night while making my way up to the island of Langkawi. I stayed at a place call the Banana Guest House which is located in historic part of town which is full of colonial style buildings. The rooms are very basic, cheap, and small but it’s nice and comfortable (compared to other places I stayed at on my worldly adventure) and has AC so I recommend it if you are looking for a no-frills affordable place (I put a link...


Mouth-Watering My chameleon color is fried donut brown. I thought the donut was dead along time ago. I had my fair share of donuts growing up but once coffee shops and bakeries became more popular, donuts quickly became a thing of the past. Fast forward to 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, my opinion of the donut has forever changed. I stumbled across this place in a mall in KL (apparently this donut shop is all over SE Asia) and couldn’t resist stopping and trying one of the many donuts they had on display. These were the most original and captivating donuts I had EVER seen in my life, most just...


Where? Photo of the road in Ganpatipule, India. This was the first place I traveled to that I felt over-isolated. After traveling by myself I was perfectly comfortable spending time alone however when I was in Ganpatipule I went a little stir crazy. I choose Ganpatipule because it was off the beaten path and I wanted to go somewhere random that was isolated and near the beach. It was quite the adventure getting there since I was the ONLY foreigner in sight and it was la day of taking multiple forms of transportation to get to my final destination. Even when I got to this tiny road by the beach,...


Goa I had heard a lot about Goa before I went and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Many recommended it for it’s beaches so of course it was a place I wanted to check out. People also said that it was heavily toured, that there were a bunch of hippies, and crazy beach parties. My experience in Goa was none of that. I went to three locations in Goa, all which were small beach towns hidden between palm trees, rice fields and the ocean. Nothing large or crowded especially since I was there in the off season. And the hippies?…Not sure what people were really talking about. Yeah...

Subliminal Message?

Subliminal Message? Subliminal?…I think not. I’m not sure who the ad agent was behind this wonderfully creative Baskin Robbins ad but it really doesn’t make the ice cream seem that appealing. The chick in the ad could be one of three things: a vampire, a prostitute, or a retard…three things that I don’t normally think about when I want to enjoy a scoop of BR gold medal ribbon.

The Definition of Chaos

The Definition of Chaos This is a shot of the main tent where the birthday celebration of Amma “the hugging saint” took place. This was an all day activity where Amma gave speeches followed by her famous 24 hour hug session “Darshan”. I happened to stumble across the ashram on my way down to Varkala in southern Kerala so I figured why not stop by and check it out. Little did I know that Amma was in town to celebrate her birthday so the ashram was packed and thousands of followers and pilgrims came from all over to pay their respects. Not that I was looking for religious enlightenment or...


Overrated Yeah so this is the Taj Mahal. You’ve probably seen this shot a million times so nothing new here. The Taj Mahal is so well recognized and visited that honestly when I got there I really wasn’t that impressed. The place is beautiful however I felt like I had already seen it before. It was exactly what I expected so there were no big surprises and it didn’t impress me as other sites I had seen around the world. Sorry Temple of Love, you just didn’t cut it.


Jerusalem…Really?! Photo of Jerusalem and the iconic Dome of the Rock (gold dome). I have to say that Jerusalem was by far the biggest disappointment on my entire trip. I had planned to spend 3 nights in Jerusalem, but when I got to Tel Aviv everyone I spoke with told me not to even waste one night there. Instead they told me to stay in Tel Aviv where the parties and beaches were and just take a day trip to the holy city. It was a place that I was really looking forward to visiting because I heard so much about it and historically it’s an incredibly important site. My expectations were pretty high;...

A Common Thread

A Common Thread Where to begin….This is a photo of the beach in Nuweiba, Egypt. It’s hard to really see how much trash there was but trust me that place looked like a disaster zone. It literally looked like a hurricane just passed by. The one thing I realized was that I figured out what makes us human…besides the obvious physiological and psychological needs that we share in common, the one common thread that makes us human beings is the amount of trash we create. It was incredibly disturbing knowing that all this trash came from the sea and that one day it will all go back. After...


Dude!…WTF? In Nuweiba, Egypt now watching some guys who does boat trips pour gasoline out on the beach just inches away from the blue water and coral reef. Ahhh…but what can you do? People just don’t get it sometimes. I spoke with this guy later on (cause we were the only people at the resort and he was telling me he needed to move to find work elsewhere cause there weren’t enough tourist in Nuweiba (me be the only one there). In the back of my mind I was just thinking about him dumping the gas on the beach and the surrounding pollution understanding why no tourist would want to...
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