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Brothers From A Different Mother

Brothers From A Different Mother My chameleon color is blue…the color of trust. Traveling the “big bad” world can be intimidating for most people who think this planet is flush with widespread criminals and violence they see and hear about on the news. Most of these incidents are isolated and quite small when you think of mankind and daily life on planet earth, yet it seems that this perpetual worldview is the fear that drives opinions of foreign lands and cultures. I only bring this up because of the gentleman pictured in this post and my initial apprehension in getting to meet him. The day I arrived...

Ko (w)Rong

Ko (w)Rong My chameleon color is green…green for trees and jungle that are soon to disappear from this place.  This is a picture of some bungalows that are nestled on a hill surrounded by forest on Ko Rong island in Cambodia.  Supposedly the Cambodia government sold the island to a developers who has plans to turn the island into a eco-resort.  Sadly this place will change drastically once that happens.  The great thing about this island is that there is hardly anyone there.  There are no roads, cars, hotels, and electricity (limited).  The only thing there is is a small village and a couple...


Douchery Have you ever seen a douche? Well here you have one.  As much as you think educated people of this world are smart they aren’t.  I had traveled across the Thai border over into Cambodia and proceeded to take a bus down to Sihanoukville.  From Sihanoukville I read about an island off the coast which was recently sold to a developer so figured I’d head out there for a couple of days to experience it pre-development.  In the morning when I woke up one of the scuba instructors picked us up and took us to the dock…this guy in the photo is the scuba instructor.  So why is...

Barrio Bonito – Best Mexican Food

Barrio Bonito – Best Mexican Food I can’t believe I’m saying this considering I live in L.A. and have been to Mexico a number of times but the Mexican food at the Barrio Bonito in Lonely Beach, Koh Chang, Thailand has got to be some of the best Mexican food I have ever had.  The owners, Marianna (Mexican) and Julien (French), are ridiculous cool and young and I’m jealous they have a restaurant/accommodation on Koh Chang…they live “the life”.  And to top it off the food is insanely good…something I never expected so far away from the motherland.  If you go to Koh Chang definitely...

The People You Meet

The People You Meet My chameleon color is yellow…yellow for friendship.  This photo is a picture of an eldery British couple we met on Koh Mak at a random restaurant in the middle of nowhere on the island.  We sat with them for dinner and drinks and had a great time hanging out with them.  The next when we were leaving the island, we took the shuttle from our accommodation across the island to the dock to get take the ferry back to Koh Chang.  To our surprise, when we arrived at the dock we bumped into the eldery couple who came to the dock to bid us farewell. The touching thing about this memory is...

Ahhhhh…Koh Chang

Ahhhhh…Koh Chang Phil and Cee decided to stay an extra night in Pattaya however I had to get moving so my next destination was the island of Koh Chang, located south of Pattaya near the Cambodian boarder.  After traveling throughout Thailand, Koh Chang ended up being my favorite spot.  The place was impressively beautiful and lacked the crowded that flocked to the more popular islands around Thailand.  Koh Chang was perfection to me. I decided to stayed in Lonely Beach which is on the south west end of the island.  I was trying to avoid the “resort tourists” north in White Sand Beach so I...

Midget Striptease

Midget Striptease I have to say that regardless of how you feel about prostitution, Pattaya, the prostitution capital of the world, has got to be one of the most unique places I have ever visited in my life.  There is nothing like it in the world which makes it worth visiting.  Prostitution in Pattaya is blatant and in your face which probably will keep people away however that shouldn’t stop visitors from seeing the place.  Visiting Pattaya is about being a spectator and experiencing the craziness that it is….crowded streets, pink lights, discos, bars, clubs, beaches, street vendors, and neon...

Small World After All

Small World After All Proof that this world is a small place.  This is a picture of Vee…and he is living proof that there is no such thing as coincidence.  At least I don’t think so cause this has happened one too many times in my life for it to be just luck. Serena, Phil and I randomly met him while we were drinking at an outside bar in Bangkok, Thailand.  All we knew about him was that he lived in New York City and was just as crazy as us.  We partied all night with him and that was that. Fast forward 5 countries later – I was in the Philippines on the remote island of Palawan at a bar in...

Scabies To The Max

Scabies To The Max I hate to post this but I had to cause it was SOOO bad. We saw this dog roaming around town a couple of times but finally on the day we were leaving we saw this dog across the street. We caught its attention and it turn to look at us for the perfect pose. HELLA SAD. I cringe every time I see this photo. It seems like there is a massive scabies epidemic among stray dogs around the world and it breaks my heart to see them like this. This dog, surprisingly, like all dogs was pretty resilient cause it didn’t show its pain.

Tropical Depression

Tropical Depression Though it began raining like crazy while we were in Railay Beach, Chet and I still decided to go to Ko Pha Ngan which is a big party island off the coast of Thailand. The ferry out to Ko Pha Ngan was pretty bad with high swells slamming against the boat. We did not however expect to be caught in the middle of a HUGH tropical depression…it rained like crazy for days on the island. There was tons of flooding and frequent blackouts. One night while we were walking around there was a blackout and since we didn’t have a flashlight we took shelter at the nearest place that had...
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